McManus Hall Office Space Case Study

McManus Hall is an accountancy practice and business consultancy based in Team Valley, Gateshead. We have worked with the firm for around two years, most recently on a project to give them more room to house their expanding team.


To create additional office space within the existing premises to ensure a better working environment for staff. This was to include improved lighting and increased privacy.

Solution and delivery

We have worked with McManus Hall for two years on more than 10 projects, so we had a good feel for the team’s needs.

Ahead of the project, we advised on the best use of the space, proposing a number of innovative solutions that the client hadn’t previously considered.

We fully fitted out an existing space into smaller areas to create more offices. This created a better working environment for the staff, with more privacy. We also installed improved lighting to help prevent migraines and eye strain.

As well as the improved office space, we also installed an upstairs shower and toilet.


The team at McManus Hall were pleased with the result, in particular that they had one point of contact throughout the project.

They were also impressed with the fact that we managed every aspect from start to finish, including the construction of walls, electrical fit out, plumbing and decoration, allowing them to focus on their day jobs.


Shaun Greenwell, of McManus Hall, said: “We wanted a company that could see our vision for the space and handle the whole process from start to finish.

“NBMS worked quickly and efficiently to deliver the project and we were most impressed with their professionalism. We are a firm of accountants so our staff and customers expect a professional environment and NBMS respected this throughout.

“I would totally recommend NBMS – they were professional throughout and we ended up with a great finished product.

“Our customers regularly comment on the quality of the bathroom. We’ve ended up with spaces that work for our business and this benefits our customer experience hugely.”

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Parkdean Resorts Reactive Works Case Study

The relationship with Parkdean was born out of a tender process that saw us compete against other firms for the full maintenance contract.
Maintaining a leisure resort involves a wide range of tasks, from regular inspections to repairs that require expertise in areas such as electrical, plumbing, landscaping and carpentry.

The central theme however, is safety. Not just in terms of ensuring Parkdean as the provider meets compliance regulations, but also ensuring that their guests are safe throughout their stay. At NBMS, safety is one of our core values which extends through to the very end user, our client’s client.

The challenges

A recurring challenge here is time. With the resorts being utilised by guests typically from around May to October, we were restricted on when our tradespeople could be on site to carry out the required maintenance works.

Another common challenge is the prevalence of reactive maintenance, where repairs are only done when something breaks or malfunctions. For anyone that is enjoying a well-deserved holiday, the last thing they expect is an electrician knocking on the door of their caravan requesting access to fix an issue.
Implementing a proactive maintenance strategy is crucial to minimise reactive maintenance. We developed a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan that includes regular inspections, equipment servicing, and predictive maintenance techniques. This approach helps the team on the ground to identify and address potential issues before they escalate, improving operational efficiency and guest experience.

The solution

What makes us different is that our tradespeople are employees and so we are accountable for their work on site.
Our team works closely with Parkdean throughout the year to ensure that when we have access to each site, we can make the best use of the time available to ensure that all work is completed before the next holiday season.

They have access to everything, from electricians and plumbers to carpenters and our customer care team that sit behind the scenes in Newcastle. While Parkdean is ultimately responsible for complying to safety standards, we are there to make that happen with thorough maintenance which ensures their guests have an enjoyable and memorable experience.